Civil Ceremony

Types of ceremony

If you’re looking for a non-religious ceremony that recognises your marriage legally, the civil ceremony does exactly that. You and your intended can personalise your vows. We can handle all the administrative and legal details to ensure a smooth fuss-free ceremony.

Symbolic Ceremony

If you decide that you want to complete the legalities in your own country but have a ceremony in Italy, then a symbolic ceremony is the perfect choice for you! The ceremony itself has no legal value and therefore, there are no restrictions on where and how you can celebrate it. This is where you can really get creative with what you want!

Catholic Ceremony

A Catholic ceremony is very similar to a civil one but it is tied to the Catholicism, the main religion in Italy. There are many beautiful churches in Tuscany that are full of history, art and culture, that would be happy to conduct the service for Catholic couples from abroad. We can help and advise you on the necessary paperwork and steps to make your ceremony in an Italian Church a reality.

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