Wedding day is the day when the couple celebrates its love, with families and friend.

To remember this amazing and loving day, the spouses give their guests an object, a present to say thanks.

In Italy the favors are called “Bomboniere” (from French language bon-bon, small sugared almonds contained into these boxes)

The italian tradition and history of those are very long, in fact favors were already used in the XV century, when for the engagement, the future spouses and respective families, exchange these jewel boxes containing sugared almonds.

Usually the sugared almonds given as a present were white, the colour of pure love, and were always odd number, to represent the indivisibility of the marriage union.

Traditionally the perfect number of sugared almonds were five, because they symbolized health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

Nowadays, the tradition of sugared almonds remain, but the jewel boxes are turned in various objects given as gifts to wedding guests.

Today, the current trend is give as favors food products. Due to, in Tuscan we have many excellent local food products we can advise some ideas.

So, what is the best Tuscan gift for your friend? It should be a wine bottle (like Chianti Classico or San Gimignano’s Vernaccia, if you prefer white wine), but also EVO little bottle should be a great idea, so your friends could take away a little piece of Tuscany.

Another very good present should be honey, because if you do not know, in Tuscany we have various type of this. You could choose chestnut honey, characterized by a strong flavour and taste, or acacia honey more delicate and sweet.

However, food is not the only choice….Tuscany is famous also for its handcraft, for example our pottery or leather goods.

You could customize your gift with a personalized bottle labels with your names and the wedding date, or write some quote by your favourite poem, or why not, by Divina Commedia Heaven, to remain in Tuscan tradition. In addition, you can choose pottery or lather decorated with your monogram to remember forever your love.

Well, there are many and many different ideas for your wedding favors, so come here to find local tradition mixed with modern view to have the best remembers of your wedding day.

If you decide to come in Tuscany to get married, you have the opportunity of enjoying with your family and friend thanks a wine tasting and cellars tour.

We could provide and plan different packages for wine tour in many wine’s areas, as Valdichiana, Senese Chianti or Florentine Chianti.

The wine tour could include:

  • walking and lesson in vineyards,
  • a tour in the cellar,
  • a buffet to taste wines and biological local products (bruschetta with EVO, cheeses and cuts and tasting aromatic oils)

The wine tasting could be a good idea to spend relaxing time the day before or after the W-day.

Moreover you could choose some special wine for the reception or choose some gifts for guests or for you!

Personalize your Wedding Ceremony!


Getting married in Tuscany is all about respecting traditions, dreams and desires….let’s begin from the ceremony!
Have you already decided to celebrate your wedding with a civil or a symbolic ceremony?

No problem, our staff , in collaboration with our celebrants team, would be able to create and personalize your ritual as you prefer.

Your wedding ceremony should tell about your love and your future as a family.

Ribbon ritual or handfasting

It’s the symbolic act of tying a marrying couple’s hands together with a ribbon in order to symbolize their eternal union.

Originally Handfasting was a historical term for “wedding” in Neopagan cultures.


Unity candle ritual

The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar candle (called the “unity candle”) in the center.

During the ceremony (usually after the formal vows), the bride and groom use the two taper candles to light the large pillar (unity) candle together.

Not only is this ritual the symbol for the couple’s endless love, but it also means the joint of two families in a single one.


Sand ritual

During the ceremony, after the ring exchange bride and groom will have a small glass with sand inside.

Together  you will stream sand in one big glass , mixing the colors and contents …. a symbol of their permanent ( or: indissoluble, long lasting) union.


Unity painting ritual

This ritual is a modern one and usually alternative to the unity candle and sand rituals. The meaning of this ritual is based on the fact that every marriage starts out as a white canvas and every day is a new spot of color, a new line added to the piece of art.

The canvas represents the day of the wedding, and a new beginning for the spouses.
The colors represent BRIDE and GROOM’s milestones, their celebrations, tribulations, passions and dreams… their way of being themselves.
As in every painting there will be places on the canvas where the colors blend and mix perfectly, flowing together, creating a new color. But there will be also places where the colors are in contrast, dark or messy.

However, when you step back and look at the canvas as the all you will see that it clearly is “An Original Masterpiece”.


Tree planting ritual

Originally, Jewish plants trees in their child’s honor and watch the child and the tree grow together.

In this way they celebrate life with life, marking its importance in parent’s lives.

The same ritual has been adapted to wedding ceremonies.

The new tree planted by the bride and the groom celebrate their new start together, the birth of their family which would grow harmoniously with the tree.

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