Tuscany is the country of romance for excellence in Italy. Its hills full of olive groves and vineyards, have been the background for Renaissance which have added to the natural beauty of this region, unique cities and picturesque churches that’s why wedding in Tuscany could be the best experience of your whole life.

With its view of the Chianti hills, the historic centers of Firenze, Cortona and Siena, Tuscany is perfect for a wedding experience in which you want to include sightseeing. By celebrating your wedding in Chianti, you will be able to realize your dream in the rame of the green hills of Chianti vineyards in a faboulous and rich o history location. Here, there’s no lack of venue possibilities to celebrate weddings: castles, farmhouses, Renaissance villas… you will always enjoy a breathtaking scenery.

At last but not least, Tuscany has also beautiful beach resorts in which you can hold stunning ceremony at twilight and enjoy a tasteful dinner on the beach under romantic gazebos. To know more about that, check out the article WEDDING ON THE BEACH.

If you are planning to getting married in Tuscany but do not know where to begin, please contact us without commitment, we will provide a quotation for your Wedding in Tuscany.