Nowadays when one talks about a stylish wedding, doesn’t refer anymore to private villas and 6th century castles but rather to country locations such as cottages, farmhouses little villages and vineyards. Tuscany is particularly full of this kind of location all surrounded by a relaxing and authentic panorama.
Organising a country wedding in Tuscany is an upbringing request even among Italian clients, however foreign customers are those particularly keen on Italian countryside, especially Tuscany, vineyards and olive oak.

A country wedding is all about flowers’ shades, glass vases of different shape, bunch of lavender, camomile, daisies and aromatic herbs. Moreover imperial table are preferable to rounded ones, this because they contribute to create a relaxed atmosphere. Table dressing is usually composed by lace runner, jute or at least raw material like linen.
The best country style Bride’s bouquet is realized with gipsophila flowers resembling to a sweet white cloud, while wedding favors are usually km zero products such as: fruit jam, honey, olive oil, or limoncello bottles.

It doesn’t matter how you want to personalized your country wedding, it must be set up in the nature and the atmosphere must be very relaxed…our details